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About HaRP
These new mothers are among the 350,000 Nepali women trained in optimal health and nutritional behavior for their young babies and themselves. Photo: Valerie Caldas, USAID Suaahara project

The Health Research Program (HaRP) provides the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) with mechanisms by which to conduct health research for the development and testing of new and better tools, technologies, approaches, policies and/or interventions to improve the health status of infants, children, mothers and families in developing and transitional countries.

This work involves significant communication and coordination of activities with partners to undertake priority setting, conducting research and facilitating the introduction of tools, technologies, interventions, approaches and/or policies.

Cooperative Agreements

HaRP research activities fall under four Cooperative Agreements. There are two long-standing projects:

There are also two new projects under the Technologies for Health program:

These four projects reflect HaRP’s research-to-use framework. Alongside a range of other existing and future USAID health, nutrition and family planning research activities, the projects also provide USAID with important mechanisms to address critical global health issues.

  • Our Mission: HaRP is dedicated to conducting applied research that identifies, tests and evaluates new technologies and interventions in seven targeted areas to ultimately reduce maternal, newborn and child mortality and morbidity in developing countries and countries in transition.
  • Our Projects: Research activities are currently carried out through four main Cooperative Agreements with research institutions at the cutting edge of the field; learn more about these projects.
  • Our Approach: HaRP activities fall under a research-to-use strategic program framework, which illustrates the pathway from research to field implementation and use. It also allows for the identification of the most promising opportunities that would benefit maternal, newborn and child health field programs.
  • Our Collaborating Partners: HaRP has partnered with a wide range of institutions committed to the advancement of global health; learn about our current partners.



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