Focus Areas: Care-seeking behavior
Resource Type: Published articles
Maternal and neonatal mortality remain high in southern Tanzania despite an increasing number of births occurring in health facilities. In search for reasons for the persistently high mortality rates, we explored illness recognition, decision-making and care-seeking for cases of maternal and neonatal illness and death.
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The Boresha Afya project supports integrated primary health care in three geographical areas in Tanzania. USAID is conducting a Developmental Evaluation of the Boresha Afya project to support learning, innovation, and adaptive management efforts among implementing partners and Government of Tanzania stakeholders.

Our previous blog introduced you to the fundamentals of Developmental Evaluation (DE) and to the USAID Coordinating Implementation Research to Communicate Learning and Evidence (CIRCLE) Project, which is carrying out a Developmental Evaluation of Boresha Afya, an integrated health services delivery initiative in Tanzania. This installment describes the start-up phase of the CIRCLE DE of Boresha Afya and highlights important steps for setting up a DE that can be applied to most contexts.