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Focus Areas: Child Health

The Child Health Country Perspectives Study used a mixed methods approach to understand the effectiveness of leadership, organizational networks, and political commitment on child health progress in Mozambique, Tanzania, and Uganda. The findings are intended to inform investment, policy, and programmatic decisions for each country as well as enhance stakeholder collaboration to improve child health outcomes.

Elevating Country Perspectives on Child Health Progress 

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Photo credit: Neil Brandvold, USAID

In 2015, USAID commissioned a mapping of global child health leadership to understand its evolution since 2000 and document relationships between stakeholders. Findings revealed a loss of momentum, fragmentation, unclear leadership within global child health during the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) era, and a need to prioritize countries in reframing child health to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).1 As a follow-on to the global study, the CIRCLE project launched the Child Health Country Perspectives Study in 2018 to complement global findings with perspectives from country stakeholders in three Sub-Saharan African countries: Mozambique, Tanzania, and Uganda. 


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Photo credit: Karen Kasmauski, MCSP

Data were collected through desk review, secondary data analysis and in-country in-depth interviews (IDIs) with child health stakeholders at the national level. An organizational network survey analysis (ONA) was also conducted to assess existing child health networks’ structure and function. The study design also focused on including relevant stakeholders at critical points in the research process to increase the likelihood of buy-in and use of study findings. To this end, stakeholders from all study countries were invited to participate in a review meeting to provide early input on findings and potential recommendations. For more information on the role of  stakeholder engagement in the study see the November 2019 blog post.  

The study was completed in early 2020 and final reports are now available. 


To access the study reports, please click the links below. 

Country leadership and stakeholder networks in child health, 2000-2015: Perspectives from Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda (presentation)

Cross Country Report 

Mozambique  Country Report
Mozambique  Country Report  (Portuguese)
Mozambique Country Report Annexes

Tanzania Country Report
Tanzania Country Report Annexes

Uganda Country Report
Uganda Country Report Annexes

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