2014 Ending Preventable Maternal Mortality

Focus Areas: Maternal Health
Content Type: Reports
Author(s): USAID
Published: June 2014

The Vision outlines the strategic approaches, geographic areas of focus, and drivers which serve as a lens and guide for targeted, context-specific, country-based programming that will result in sustainable programs and improved maternal and fetal health. In partnership with a wide array of stakeholders, USAID will advocate rapid progress, promote public health through country ownership and international partnerships, build capacity for scale and sustainability, support innovation, seize opportunities to work collaboratively across disciplines and sectors, and invest in evidence and research to drive progress toward the goal. For USAID, ending preventable maternal mortality is a development challenge as well as a health challenge, and as a development agency, USAID has unique contributions to inform the global agenda to make the EPMM vision a reality.

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