2015 Ending Preventable Maternal Mortality

Focus Areas: Maternal Health
Content Type: Reports
Author(s): USAID
Published: January 2015

Ending Preventable Maternal Mortality: USAID Maternal Health Vision for Action (January 2015) endorses an integrated and holistic approach to improve maternal and fetal health at the country level. Emphasis is placed on equity, respect for
women, and convergence of countries in the effort to reduce disparities in women’s risk of maternal death. Specifically, the Vision sets out a plan for USAID to contribute to driving
accelerated maternal mortality ratio (MMR) reduction by:
1. Focusing geographically on the 24 USAID Maternal and Child Health (MCH) priority countries.
2. Promoting 10 strategic drivers that together enable and mobilize individuals and communities; advance quality, respectful care; and strengthen health systems and continuous learning.
3. Ensuring that we reach the most vulnerable by incorporating consistently applied approaches for action in all programming.

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