Gentamicin for Treatment of Neonatal Sepsis

Focus Areas: Newborn Health
Content Type: Reports
Author(s): PATH
Published: October 2015

We conducted a landscape analysis to review the range of drug formulation, packaging, and delivery technologies that might be applied to gentamicin delivery for infants. The priority was to review technologies that could improve the safety and ease of delivery, reduce training requirements and the possibility of health care worker error, and expand access by potentially being suitable for use in a primary care setting. This report expands upon and updates a previous PATH HealthTech landscape of gentamicin delivery alternatives completed for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in 2010 (PATH, unpublished data, 2010). In the current report, we included alternative primary packaging and delivery devices for intramuscular injection as well as alternative formulations for different routes of delivery, such as oral, sublingual, pulmonary, rectal, and transdermal delivery.

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