Guideline: Managing Possible Serious Bacterial Infections in Infants

Focus Areas: Newborn Health
Content Type: Reports
Author(s): WHO
Published: January 2015

This guideline, developed by a panel of international experts and informed by
a thorough review of existing evidence, provides recommendations on the use of antibiotics for neonates and young infants (0–59 days old) with PSBI in order to
reduce young infant mortality rates. This guideline is intended for use in resource-limited settings in situations when families do not accept or cannot access referral.
It seeks to provide programmatic guidance on the role of community health workers
(CHWs) and home visits in identifying signs of serious infections in neonates and
young infants. It also seeks to provide clinical guidance on the simplest antibiotic
regimens that are both safe and effective for outpatient treatment of clinical severe
infections and fast breathing (pneumonia) in children 0–59 days old.

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