Health and Health-Related Indicators in Slum, Rural, and Urban communities

Focus Areas: Child Health Nutrition
Content Type: Published articles
Author(s): Blessing U. Mberu, Tilahun Nigatu Haregu, Catherine Kyobutungi and Alex C. Ezeh

It is generally assumed that urban slum residents have worse health status when compared with other urban populations, but better health status than their rural counterparts. This belief/assumption is often because of their physical proximity and assumed better access to health care services in urban areas. However, a few recent studies have cast doubt on this belief. Whether slum dwellers are better off, similar to, or worse off as compared with rural and other urban populations remain poorly understood as indicators for slum dwellers are generally hidden in urban averages. The aim of this study was to compare health and health-related indicators among slum, rural, and other urban populations in four countries where specific efforts have been made to generate health indicators specific to slum populations

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