Applicator Manufacturers for Delivery of Microbicide Gels Analysis

Focus Areas: HIV
Content Type: Reports
Author(s): USAID, PATH
Published: October 2015

In 2014, as microbicide sponsors and developers focused their efforts more on future introduction strategies, PATH was tasked to perform a wider landscape survey of applicator manufacturers, including facility assessments in China, India, and South Africa, where a substantial number of those manufacturers are most likely located. The primary purpose of this manufacturer landscape survey was to determine whether there were additional manufacturers that could provide low-cost applicators for future introduction efforts, and if so, to identify three to five potential manufacturers in each country. We assumed that organizations that would commercialize microbicide gels would carry out in-depth assessments of potential manufacturers to identify the most appropriate manufacturer for delivery of their microbicide gel. This report summarizes the results of our assessments in China, India, and South Africa.

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