Results-Based Financing in Malawi: Brief 3: Provider Perceptions of The RBF4MNH Initiative

Related Project: Translating Research into Action (TRAction)
Content Type: Briefs
Author(s): USAID TRAction Project
Published: July 2016

By tying financial rewards to provider performance, results based financing (RBF) efforts assume providers will perform better. In the context of a two-year evaluation of the RBF4MNH Initiative, health providers’ perceptions were explored, including how the program affected their work motivation and ability to provide quality care. This brief highlights key concerns, provider perceptions, and policy recommendations. Provider perceptions matter because providers are central to the RBF intervention and to attaining national service objectives. Accurate perceptions of, and expectations for, the intervention among providers are important to achieve their commitment to meeting performance targets. This brief is based on a qualitative research approach (44 in-depth interviews among providers from 16 facilities across the four intervention districts); the findings are representative of provider opinions. Information was gathered from nurses, clinical officers and medical assistants.

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