Results-Based Financing in Malawi: Brief 4: Insights on Respectful Maternal Care in the Context of RBF4MNH

Related Project: Translating Research into Action (TRAction)
Content Type: Briefs
Author(s): USAID TRAction Project
Published: July 2016

Respectful Maternity Care (RMC) is a term that describes women’s experiences of care during labor and delivery—both in terms of receiving dignified care as well as the absence of disrespect and abuse. RMC is an emerging priority within the global health community, with the potential to impact quality of care and decisions to access facility-based care. This brief highlights findings related to RMC that emerged from an evaluation of the RBF4MNH initiative in Malawi. While the Initiative was not designed to explicitly address respectful care, the evaluation uncovered several facets of disrespect and abuse, particularly just before, during and following childbirth. All RBF4MNH facilities were required to conduct monthly exit interviews with at least 10 women that assessed patient satisfaction, provider attitudes, and facility readiness. Facilities were to develop action plans to address the concerns raised by women.

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